Benefit for your organisation

The Henley Flexible Executive MBA is uniquely fit to create impact and value for you as student AND your organisation:

Whereas most EMBA programmes have been derived from full-time MBA programmes and continue using case studies as main means of bringing business reality into the programme, we at Henley use your organisation as your personal case study: the nine assignments are small projects where you first analyse a current situation in your organisation using the tools and techniques learnt in the programme. Then, you develop a recommendation for a solution, suing the same or different tools.

In short: you help your organisation to become better through your studies in the Henley Flexible Executive MBA.

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„Creating value for both myself and my organisation.“

Mladen Milcinovic is Director – Project Management at Secop GmbH, a world leader in compressor technology headquartered in Flensburg. In this interview, he shares insights into what he experiences as a student in the Henley Executive MBA in Munich.

Henley: How have you changed since joining the Henley Executive MBA?

Mladen: Henley has clearly expanded my mindset: I used to focus solely on the technical side of facts. Today, my view has become much wider and I include many aspects that indirectly impact our business, like many developments in China. For me, this is thanks to the contents, the assignments and the personal development contained in the programme.

Henley: How important is the practical application for you?

Mladen: For me, it is key that a theory proves its worth in practice. Through the assignments I regularly write in my organization, I put the theory in my relevant environment and gain a much clearer picture. I also identify conflicts between theory and practice and can assure that only feasible ideas are implemented.Henley: How did your organization react to the assignment concept?

mladenMladen: Secop has been very open since they saw the value my studies and assignments have for them. I even receive support from the very top: usually, after I receive the assignment brief in my workshop, I sit together with the CEO and the VP of Product Development Projects and we discuss what project would be of best use for Secop. The final paper is then shared at C-level and the feedback has been very positive.

Henley: How do you experience the diversity in the programme?

Mladen: The group is a micro-cosmos: my peers are from all over Europe and beyond. For me in my global role, I have the world united and can get different cultural viewpoints on a question easily and quickly.

Henley: Thank you, Mladen.