Professional Certificate in Coaching for experienced coaches

Der rasche Weg zur Coaching-Zertifizierung!

In the increasingly intransparent coaching market, certifications like the one of the International Coach Federation ICF gain in importance.

Namely for experienced coaches, typical certification programmes are often of little use: they are directed towards coaching novices and may take more than 200 presence hours. Time that could be used differently.

The Professional Certificate in Coaching of Henley Business School Germany is different: with 60 presence hours in seven days, it meets the requirements for an ACSTH programme for the ACC accreditation of the International Coach Federation ICF. And thanks to its academic format, it offers experienced coaches benefits that correspond to their expertise and experience:

What a participant says

For me as an experienced coach, on-going further education is important to give my clients the best of me. Hereby, the Professional Certificate in Coaching of Henley is an ideal solution: it allows me to refresh my knowledge base and discover new approaches and ideas, so that I am ‘up-to-date’ again. And with the new ICF accreditation, participants can show their qualification to the outside world.

Reinhard Leiter, Executive Coach, former Head of Central Education Unit, Allianz AG


Then we invite you to get to know the Professional Certificate in Coaching HERE in more detail.

PS: The next programmes start in September 2019 in Cologne and in November 2019 in Munich!