Providing the Environment
Trustful Collaboration

To shape the 21st century together, we at Henley Business School are convinced that successful executives should be in a position to say the following:

“I know myself, my strengths and my passions. I meet people where they are to build trustful relationships and commit them for our endeavours. I create the environment for safe collaboration: we meet each other in an appreciative way at eye level, have open and transparent exchanges and consider failures as precious experiences.”

Learning how to operate in a psychologically safe environment

The Henley Executive MBA features workshops on Personal Development and Reflection, psychometric methods and Coaching and Mentoring.  Students understand themselves, their sources of awareness and can communicate their needs. They operate in a protected ‘lab environment’ with psychological safety and experience the transparency, openness and positive failure culture of a non-judgemental and non-prescriptive environment. They obtain open feedback when testing ideas and approaches with others.

Employees of these companies are studying for the Henley Executive MBA in Munich

Agfa-Gevaert, Atos IT Solutions and Services, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Brain Products, Creakom, Deutsche Erdöl AG, Deutsche Post, Dolde Medien Verlag, ENGIE, ERGO, FATH, FC Augsburg, FLSmidth, GE Distributed Power, Hexal, Hoffmann Group, IDC Central Europe, Infineon Technologies, John Bean Technologies, Moxa Europe, Nordson, Obermeyer Project Management, PSW Automotive Engineering, Sandoz International, Secop, Siemens, Siemens Financial Services, SMA Solar Technology, SpencerStuart, The Bank of New York Mellon (Luxembourg), T-Systems International, Zeltiq.

Appreciating the opportunities and challenges of diversity

Our students experience the opportunities and challenges that stem from the diversity from people of different technical backgrounds, industries, company sizes, genders and cultures. They discover how they can build trust to commit others so that the mutually optimal benefit can be achieved.

Your benefit at a glance

The times during which results could be achieved with a high degree of certainty are gone. Therefore, today is  more about providing the environment that allows us to achieve results. Experiencing such environments in a conscious and unconscious way, supplemented by reflection, allows you to create such environments yourself. This includes crossing traditional (silo) boundaries and learning from others who are different in their ways of thinking and approaching tasks. It is about leveraging diversity competently and discovering one’s own boundaries – not everything that can be done has to be done. On this basis, you can understand other people’s situations. Together, you define the area where you are committed to working together using your strengths and passions. This leads to more satisfaction, confidence and performance by utilizing the inherent potentials within all of us.