Corporate Development Programmes

Putting the person at the centre to reach organisational goals

Our purpose of

„We empower leaders to develop themselves to guide their organisations in the 21st century“

reflects Henley’s beliefs and values that translate into a protected environment in which the people working with us can develop themselves to meet the goals of their organisation by fulfilling their own goals with skill and passion.

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… decided for a new strategy to become number one in their market by doubling its revenues from 2 to 4 billion Euros. While staff members as technical experts were excited about the prospects of developing new products and services, many wondered how to accomplish it.

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The Management Board understood that this strategic change required more than the traditional process- and structure-focused approaches. The organisation partnered with Henley to develop a transformation programme for middle managers from throughout the global organisation. The eight-month journey put the participants at the centre and allowed them through an open, non-prescriptive and non-judgemental environment to develop confidence and a sequence of actions to make the strategy happen.

The journey started inviting each person to become aware of their individual starting point coming from their preferences with regards to environment, behaviours, capabilities, beliefs & values and their identity. They added latest thinking in strategy, business models, innovation and marketing to their individual role: They embarked on their own learning journey on the job.

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Eight months later, the organisation had nearly twenty implementation cases ready to roll out, located across the organisation. Each participant on average included ten other people in his work, spreading the new skills and experience broadly in the organisation and delivering additional value.

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Leading organisations from a variety of industries around the world work with Henley to develop their leaders. Contact us to find out how we can work together.

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