Shaping the 21st century as manager - with the Henley EMBA

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What keeps you from shaping the 21st century as a manager?

If you asked us what managers need to successfully shape the 21st century, we would say: tools, practice, flexibility and exchange. In the Henley Executive MBA for Managers, you are offered all four in the most modern way of studying!

We at Henley Business School want to support managers in shaping the 21st century together with other people. As an educational organisation, we aim to achieve this goal by integrating theory and practice, content and experience.

We hear people say that many learning programmes focus on theory: learning happens with generic case studies, whereas the ultimate transfer of any new knowledge into the own industry and organisation is left to the learner.

Since our founding in 1945, we at Henley Business School have always believed in the integration of theory and practice; this is at the core of all our programmes and well represented in our Executive MBA for Managers.

We now invite you to discover the Henley Executive MBA for Managers in Munich. We at Henley Business School are committed to shaping the 21st century together – together with you.

This integration of content and experience becomes especially important in the 21st century: digitalisation is a technical field where only practice can show the appropriateness of new approaches and models. Or the changes in mindset and behaviour required for the increasingly desired degrees of self-organisation can’t be learnt by only rationally understanding them: they have to be experienced practically and emotionally.

I need more skills!

skillsYou will get them!

The Henley Executive MBA enables you to identify the suitable tool for a specific management situation. Based on your own experience, you have a good command of the tool; this confidence is passed on to the people around you. You know when you lack a tool and decide if you want to learn the tool yourself or find a partner. You only add new tools to your toolbox of which you know from your own experience how to use them. Thereby, you assure the integration of theory and practice.

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My boss needs me!

bossHe will have you!

Studying the Henley Executive MBA optimises the additional time for your studies by placing 70% of learning in your existing job environment, assuring the flexibility you currently enjoy and showing direct impact in your job. The workshops on Fridays and Saturdays allow you to keep up your commitments for your employer and family while flexibly arranging your learning periods to suit your lifestyle. And if any unforeseen challenges arise (and they do), the Henley staff is there to help you find a consensus that meets the needs of all involved.

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My family needs me!

familyThey will have you!

The Executive MBA at Henley Business School allows you the most flexible way of studying. You can easily integrate the studies not only in your companies context but also in your private life. Our students office will help you manage the studies so that they fit to your personal calendar. You can even attend classes not only at the campus Munich but at a Henley Campus around the world.

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I feel left alone!

aloneNo worries, you will get a lot of help!

In times of information overload, exchanges between people become more valuable. Especially valuable are those insights gained from encounters with people you do not usually meet in your everyday lives. Safe environments of formal and informal interaction across technical, organisational, cultural and industry borders promote this exchange – many innovations stem from learning from others and the transfer of insights and experiences into other areas.

In case of personal troubles or worries you will be able to talk to your Personal Tutor. This is a role with the sole objective to assure progression of every student through the programme through 1-on-1 check-ins in which current challenges in studying are analysed and solutions developed. The Personal Tutor is also the go-to person if students can‘t attend a workshop in Munich and look for an alternative session at another Henley campus.

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