The Henley Business Insights Programmes

Is this you?

Are you a HR Professional who wants to increase the effectiveness of your organization’s recruitment approach?

Are you a Sales manager who wants to develop a more successful sales strategy?

Are you a leader who wants to work with his people in a collaborative and co-creative way?

Then, the Henley Business Insights Programmes are for you!


Covering topics from Operations (agile, financials, people) to Strategy (strategy, strategic marketing, international business, reputation & responsibility) to Leadership (leadership & change, self-leadership, self-leadership for leaders), these programmes allow you to learn the knowledge and skills for these goals, apply them directly in your job and share the insights gained in your organization for future use – a triple benefit for the individual, their department and the whole organization.


A Henley Business Insights Programme is designed with the following sequence of events:

  1. Setting the foundations for the topic and to defining the practice project to be worked on in a three-day workshop.
  2. Applying the workshop contents in their actual job situation in the practice-period of two to three months.
  3. Coaching by Henley experts and programme peers at several occasions on their learning journey
  4. Reflecting on the learning journey in writing, assembling what went how well and what ‘lessons learnt’ they take away for the future.
  5. Sharing of these reflections with their organizations and their programme peers in various formats.


In the Henley Business Insights Programmes, managers, leaders and their organizations benefit from a unique
combination of

Knowledge created and curated by one of the world’s leading academic institutions in management and leadership:
Henley Business School is triple-accredited and consistently ranked among the best. In 2018. The Financial Times ranked
Henley as #7 in Europe for Open Programmes.

Practice in the relevant environment of their own organization: here, theory meets the reality in which people are
operating: corporate and individual goals and values, experiences, trade-offs, challenges and opportunities all influence
the successful application of knowledge.

Support by a network of experts and practitioners: often, applying knowledge in practice is a winded road with many
intersections. Interacting with Henley experts and coaches, bosses and fellow-participants during the learning journey
adds expertise, experience and the opportunity to take on different viewpoints.

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