Our faculty

Linking theory, research and practice

The faculty on the Henley Flexible Executive MBA in Munich is experienced not only as academics and researchers, but also as practitioners in their respective fields. They appreciate the challenging environment of tutoring experienced professionals who want to apply the newly learnt to their jobs. Below, you find a selection of faculty members that often tutor in Munich-based programmes:

Clark Henley

Professor Moira Clark, Marketing

Moira Clark is Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School and Director of The Henley Centre for Customer Management. She also serves as a consultant to a number of leading UK and international companies. Her major area of research and consulting is in Customer Management, Social Networking, Customer Retention and Internal Marketing. She has worked extensively in the area of culture and climate, its impact on retention and loyalty and the critical linkages between employee behaviour and customer retention.

Dalton Henley

Dr Chris Dalton, Personal Development

Dr Chris Dalton is Associate Professor of Management Learning and Subject Area Leader for Personal Development (PD) at Henley.

A dynamic and creative tutor and facilitator, Chris joined Henley in November 2005 and was the Programme Director for Henley Distance Learning MBA (Flexible Learning) until 2010, when he took over the PD role.

People of Henley

Professor Marc Day, Strategy

Marc Day has over 15 years‘ experience in consulting, research, and teaching. His particular interest is how organisations co-create value with suppliers & customers, and how organisations conceive and execute strategy. A well respected educator, he designs and delivers programmes for corporate clients, and teaches on the MBA, DBA and PhD. A member of four journal editorial boards, and an experienced media commentator in the areas of strategy, operations and procurement.

Ewers Henley

Dr David Ewers, Finance

Dr David Ewers is an experienced educationalist and international faculty, consultant and trainer in the academic and corporate environments. Throughout his career he has provided a wide range of excellent experience of delivering to a wide range of groups and all level of experience, age and background in a range of multi-cultural and national groups. Specialising in accounting, finance, strategy and international business, he has a proven record of flexibility in terms of delivery mechanisms and teaching styles, having considerable experience in both face-to-face and electronically mediated learning and support. His post doctoral research and interests continue to be in the director remuneration and managerial pay schemes that are linked to performance, incentive and bonus. This has provided the source of academic papers and conference lectures to develop an international dimension to this research work.

Greve Henley

Dr Peter Greve, International Business

Peder is a Lecturer in International Business at Henley Business School. His research provides insights into the causes and effects of international mobility and diversity in management teams at multinational enterprises, and how the composition of management teams affects internationalization strategies and performance. His recent work has been published in Journal of World Business and Multinational Business Review. He also serves on the Editorial Review Board at Journal of World Business. Peder teaches International Business in the  Executive and Flexible MBA programmes at Henley Business School.

Hillebrand Henley

Professor Carola Hillenbrand

Carola Hillenbrand is Professor of Organisational Psychology at Henley Business School, Academic Director at the John Madejski Centre for Reputation (JMCR) and Post-Graduate Research Director for the School of Marketing and Reputation. Carola’s research aligns the subjects of responsibility, relationships and resilience with human decision-making, behaviours and emotions. She collaborates with faculty in psychology, governance and leadership to develop multidisciplinary, cross-university and international programmes related to long-term behavioural change. At the moment, she works towards launching the JMCR’s ‘Changing Behaviours for Good‘ Programme.

Kirberg Henley

Ragna Kirberg, lic.oec.HSG, Reflective Development

Through her work, Ragna Kirberg specialized in Reflective Leadership and Communication. She works as Director of Reflective Leadership at Henley Business School and designs, directs, tutors and coaches on leadership development programmes for business transformation for leading organisations. She is also an Executive Coach. Realising the potential every one of us has and to become aware of that is her key driver. She is convinced that sustainable organisations empower their leaders to use the full potential of thinking and feeling. Ragna worked many years with systemic and holistic approaches which she combines with 15 years of experience working as Analyst and in leading Investor Relations positions – most of it for Allianz AG. During this time, Ragna won several awards. She graduated from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and was raised in Singapore and Bavaria.

Money Henley

Professor Kevin Money, Marketing & Reputation

Kevin Money is the Director of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation and the Director for Research in the School of Marketing and Reputation at Henley Business School. Kevin is Chartered Psychologist and former Editor of the Journal of General Management and Manager Update. He is also a director of several organisations, including the Positive Psychology Forum, iSolon and Edutain. Kevin is interested in the foundations of functional identities, reputations and relationships at both a personal and organisational level. He is interested in how relationships are built upon both strengths and vulnerabilities and how identity can continue to be developed and expressed in adulthood in many settings and through responsible leadership practices.

Müller Henley

Felix Müller, lic.oec.HSG, MBA (Duke), MSc CBC, Reflective Development

Felix Müller is Director of the Henley Centre for Reflective Development at Henley Business School Germany in Munich. He combines extensive experience as leader with a deep interest in leadership research and science. He holds a business degree from the university of St. Gallen, Switzerland, an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, USA, and a psychology-based MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change from Henley Business School at the University of Reading, UK. He has more than 20 years’ experience in senior leadership and management positions in British, French, German, Swiss and US companies. His research interest is in accessing the full potential inherent in every human being to lead fulfilling lives in alignment of head, heart and gut. He researches at the intersection of psychology, sociology and neurosciences and his research shows that reflection by thinking and feeling is a key factor in thriving in the increasingly challenging environment by doing what one really wants to do. He coaches Executives in English, German and French.

Parkinson Henley

Dr Ann Parkinson, Managing People

Ann Parkinson has been associated with Henley for some twenty years, after a corporate and consulting career. This has involved teaching, supervising and mentoring MBA and DBA programme members amongst other related activities. Currently Ann is teaching the managing people and performance element of the MBA as part of her role as the Subject Area Leader for this area. Her academic interests come from practitioner experience working in change management and HR strategy in a large plc, her own research in this area.

Simister Henley

Dr Stephen Simister, Leadership & Change

Dr Stephen Simister leads on Henley’s Programme and Change Management offering at Henley Business School. He has over 25 years of project management experience having delivered and consulted on projects in construction, IT, Finance, Pharmaceutical, PFI/PPP and Oil and Gas. He has also led several major change initiatives within a number of organisations. He currently teaches on the Leadership and Change module on the MBA. His focus is how programme management can be utilised to lead and deliver effective change within organisations.

Spinks Henley

Nigel Spinks, Systems & Processes

Nigel Spinks is a full-time member of Henley Business School where he is Director of Studies in the Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting group. His main teaching role is in the area of process and operations management on the MBA, alongside corporate and executive courses. He also teaches research methods on other post-experience, postgraduate Masters programmes. Before joining Henley, he spent 10 years in a variety of technical and export sales and marketing management roles in a start-up division within a multi-national company based in Germany. Prior to embarking upon a civilian career, Nigel served as an Army Officer for ten years in both command and staff roles.

Thurloway Henley

Dr Lynn Thurloway, Research Methodologies

Lynn is Subject Area Leader for the Management Challenge and Programme Director for Health and Social Care Management programmes. She teaches on Professional Management Programmes including the MA in Applied Management. She also teaches on the MBA having been a member of Henley Faculty for over 20 years. Past roles have included Subject Area Leader for Dissertations and the Management Challenge, Managing People and Performance, Exams and Electives and Project Leadership.

Vogel Henley

Dr Bernd Vogel

Dr Bernd Vogel is an Associate Professor of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour and Director Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership at Henley Business School, United Kingdom. Earlier roles include Lecturer at the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management (IFPM), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Project Leader in the Organisational Energy Program (OEP), and Visiting Scholar at University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. He received his PhD in Management from the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. Bernd’s research focuses on Leadership to mobilise and maintain an organisations energy, leadership, co-creating leadership, followership, change, and managing emotions.