Your 30-month learning journey

The Henley Flexible Executive MBA lasts 30 months and is divided into three stages:

  • Stage One (10 months) lays the foundation for the programme by making students aware how a business as it exists
    operates and how the different parts of an organisation work together.
  • Stage Two (10 months) looks at that challenges managers face when steering an organisation’s future.
  • Stage Three (10 months) looks at the factors that make the difference between an organisation being quite or very successful in the future.

Programme structure

FEMBA Ablauf Henley

Three Parallel Streams

Throughout the three stages, you have parallel streams that accompany you:

  • Personal Development: starts with discovering yourself, your values, needs, preferences; based on these, you develop
    your own path for your professional and personal development as human being.
  • Research skills: an academic programme offers you access to a wealth of scientific resources and you will yourself
    contribute to research by the Management Research Challenge. This stream introduces you to the foundations of research and supports you in developing your own research project.
  • Reflective development: today, mastering challenges by rational thinking no longer suffices. Sustainable solutions require
    addressing the emotional part in us. This stream allows you to discover the full potential in you and the people you are working with.