Building relationships with like-minded professionals

The Class of 2019

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As a student ...

Your studies with the Henley Flexible Executive MBA in Munich enable you to build relationships in a great network of professionals from various backgrounds and a wide selection of industries and specialisations. These professionals are linked by the desire to learn more about management and leadership for today‘s world and aim at learning as much from one another as from Henley‘s leading faculty.

Dozent von Henley

As a part of the Henley community, I profit from a news chain that provides me with all experiences from other network members. I have always the feeling that I have my Henley network supporting me and if I need advice, I‘ll get it just in time.

- Peter Albrecht, Business Consultant, Lexmark, Frankfurt

Profile of the Class of 2019

Class of 2019 Henley

… and as alumna and alumnus

Beginning with day one, you will become a member of Henley‘s global alumni network. In Germany alone, you already have access to more than 1.800 alumni who earned their MBAs between 1989 and today. Add the more than 66.000 alumni worldwide and you have a lifelong global network of experienced managers and leaders to contribute to and benefit from.

The Henley Alumni in Germany e.V. is very active in bringing together Henley alumni and students for both professional and social events. Be it the annual Top Event focusing on  topics of currency, the regional Stammtische or the family picnics – there is something for every taste and need.

These activities are complemented by the events of Henley‘s alumni office in the UK and the many other regional alumni chapters that you can join at your liking. In short: wherever your job brings you, there is a strong likelihood of finding another Henley soul nearby!