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With an average age of 35, our Executive MBA students study for their MBAs at a time in their lives when they find themselves in highly demanding positions, not only professionally, but also personally with demands of family and friends. We at Henley understand that it is at times difficult to juggle all of this. That‘s why the Henley Flexible Executive MBA is designed to respect this situation: We offer the support that allows you to continue your professional development and your social life while earning a top MBA degree.

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The Henley MBA, through its assignments, gives me the opportunity to select topics from my day-to-day work where I can implement theories and frameworks learnt. It also gives me the opportunity to find topics outside my departments, which may lead to possible future opportunities.

- Nibedita Sardar, Service Manager, Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH, Munich
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Job-related assignments as main means of learning – real learning

You are no longer a Bachelor student with little practical experience. Our students on average have more than 10 years of work experience and know the difference between theory and practice. Because of your own theoretical knowledge and practical experience, you may often find yourself judging the practicality of the state-of-the-art thinking in the MBA with how easily and suitably it can be applied in your job environment. Henley supports this by taking the contents of the modules and applying them in your job. Among many subjects, you will look at processes, finances and people management in your organisation and develop solutions that can often directly be implemented, meaning that you learn while doing your job better and achieving or even exceeding your professional goals.

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Limited time away – flexibility for you

As much as learning these days is supported by the internet, the kind of reflective learning required in the Henley Flexible Executive MBA is strongly supported by face-to-face interaction. For tis rason, Henley combines both modes of learning and interaction by reducing the time spent in the workshops: you meet once every eight to nine weeks for a two-day workshop on Fridays and Saturdays (occasionally supplemented by a preceding Thursday workshop). This gives you the freedom to choose where you want (or have) to be between workshops, be it with your organisation or your family. And if you happen to miss a workshop, there is always the possibility to make it up at another Henley location.

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Strong support by Henley – Delivering on time

As much as we support flexiblity, there are deadlines to be met in the Henley Flexible Executive MBA. That‘s why we offer you an elaborate support system. Typically, you will work for six weeks on the module assignment applying the topic to your job. To support you, you will have two check-ins with your Personal Tutor, a person whose only task is to assure that you do not fall behind. As an experienced coach, your Personal Tutor knows the pitfalls and can advise you on how to assure on-time delivery. On average, you can expect to spend 12 to 15 hours per week for your studies.