Discovering and utilizing performance potentials with Reflective Development

Reflection for increased satisfaction and performance

In our vision, people are working in organisations on a shared objective by everyone contributing his capabilities corresponding to his passions, leading to higher performance and satisfaction.uber1eng

This is not always the case, since on the one hand the people are not clear enough about their capabilities and passions. On the other hand, organisations traditionally allocate tasks top-down with little involvement of their people.

Research shows that higher performance and satisfaction are coming from individual needs being met. Individual needs have developed over time based on inborn preferences and experiences. Those who are conscious of their needs, have taken time out to discover them by reflecting. To this end, they used their intellect, emotions and feelings. Knowing their individual needs allows them to express their skills and passions. A recent study showed that reflection increases performance by 20%.

uber2engThis is especially important today since in the case of new developments like digitalisation, reflection allows staff to independently take on and deliver on tasks that meet their needs. Furthermore, they can communicate their idle skills and passions with their leaders, creating a true win-win situation. And the greater the overlap between tasks, skills and passions, the greater the competitiveness of the organisation.

In our approach to leadership development, we give the leaders time and space to develop their needs. This happens in a protected and structured environment, allowing for intense self-reflection and sharing among participants. We call this approach ‘Reflective Development’.

Current thinking from psychology, neurosciences and leadership sciences is combined with practical exercises in which the participants become aware of their needs by reliving situations.

Our reflection seminars deepen this approach in three areas:

  • Needs-based leadership for organisational success
    In this reflection seminar, leaders learn how to create a frame for them and their staff to work together on a needs-based and trusted basis.
  • Perceiving needs consciously – more satisfaction and performance
    The participants of this reflection seminar get to know their needs using psychometric instruments.
  • Making sustainable decisions and implementing them with commitment
    In this reflection seminar, leaders learn to make decisions with their teams so that they are implemented with commitment in an agile and sustainable way.

Currently, these reflection seminars are delivered in German; the English language versions are under development.

These reflection seminars may also be delivered as corporate programmes and have shown their value in leadership development programmes.

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