Shaping the 21st Century together

Do you want to get an MBA or shape the 21st century together with others?

We at Henley Business School want to support executives in shaping the 21st century together with other people. As an educational organisation, we aim to achieve this goal by integrating theory and practice, content and

We hear people say that many learning programmes focus on theory: learning happens with generic case studies, whereas the ultimate transfer of any new knowledge into the own industry and organisation is left to the
learner; faculty are experts in research but lack the practical experience in applying their findings in the real world.

Since our founding in 1945, we at Henley Business School have always believed in the integration of theory and practice; this is at the core of all our programmes and well represented in our Executive MBA.

We now invite you to discover the Henley Executive MBA in Munich. We at Henley Business School are committed to shaping the 21st century together – together with you.

This integration of content and experience becomes especially important in the 21st century: digitalisation is a technical field where only practice can show the appropriateness of new approaches and models. Or the changes in mindset and behaviour required for the increasingly desired degrees of selforganisation can’t be learnt by only rationally understanding them: they have to be experienced practically and emotionally.

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