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In our vision, people are working in organisations on a shared objective by everyone contributing his capabilities corresponding to his passions, leading to higher performance and satisfaction.

This is not always the case, since on the one hand the people are not clear enough about their capabilities and passions. On the other hand, organisations traditionally allocate tasks top-down with little involvement of their people.

Research shows that higher performance and satisfaction are coming from individual needs being met. In our approach to leadership development, we give the leaders time and space to develop their needs. This happens in a protected and structured environment, allowing for intense self-reflection and sharing among participants. We call this approach ‘Reflective Development’.

Current thinking from psychology, neurosciences and leadership sciences is combined with practical exercises in which the participants become aware of their needs by reliving situations.

Reflective Development is the contribution of Henley Business School Germany to the global network of Henley Business School.

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We at Henley Business School want to support executives in shaping the 21st century together with other people. As an educational organisation, we aim to achieve this goal by integrating theory and practice, content and

Therefore we offer an Executive MBA for Managers starting in March 2018 as well as a brand new Executive MBA for Leaders starting in Fall 2018.

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