The Executive MBA for a NEW GENERATION of Leadership

The NEW GENERATION of leaders: Seizing new opportunities.

workToday’s world offers fascinating opportunities for new business models, products, services and markets.

However, this also means having new competitors and people who may be overwhelmed by the complexity and number of opportunities.

Successful organisations understand that the key is combining technological expertise with business acumen and understanding of the human drivers for seizing new opportunities. As even more opportunities arise, this capability becomes a competitive advantage with lasting impact.

That’s why the Henley Executive MBA supports a new generation of leaders, who lead by providing an environment where innovation can happen with people fully committed to seizing new opportunities.

Felix Müller about our EMBA for leaders:

The NEW GENERATION of: learning

Practice within
your own reality.


Learning ideally happens in reality – you did not learn to walk by thinking about it or reading books. With this in mind, the Henley Executive MBA teaches you state-of-the-art business knowledge and lets you immediately apply it in your real-life work setting. You learn first hand how well a theory works for you. By doing this ten times during the programme, you not only put together your personal management and leadership toolbox, you also become your organisation’s internal consultant for the 21st century.

The NEW GENERATION of: self-awareness

Understand yourself
to choose your opportunities.


The new opportunities are ‘new’ to all of us. And for most, they are a combination of fascination and fears, leading to a vague feeling with no clear commitment. This also applies to leaders. Thus, when a leader has a clear understanding of what motivates him and keeps him back about new ventures, he can actively choose the new opportunities he wants to lead – because they best utilize his technical and personal strengths.

The NEW GENERATION of: co-creation

Providing an environment
for the new. 


Seizing new opportunities is a core capability of humans – else, we would still be sitting in our caves. However, moving forward requires the right environment that provides psychological safety and the right stimuli. The leaders role in the 21st century is to create and hold such environments that lead to creativity and commitment of the people involved, leveraging their diversity. The leader becomes the enabler for co-creation among diverse peers.

Your journey in becoming a leader in the NEW GENERATION

Journey of EMBA

  • Personal Development
  • Research Skills
  • Coaching

October 2018 - January 2021

  • Starter Workshop – Getting going
  • Managing Processes & Systems – Providing structure
  • Managing People – Fostering creativity
  • Advancing Myself – Understanding drivers
  • Managing Financial Resources – Staying in business
  • Exam

October 2018 - June 2019

  • International Business – Moving out
  • Strategy – Exploring levers
  • Strategic Marketing – Accessing markets
  • Reputation & Responsibility – Showing integrity
  • Leadership Space – Prototyping behaviour
  • Study Trip South Africa – A different context

July 2019 - April 2020

  • Leadership & Change – Taking initiative
  • Management Research Challenge – Integrating with focus
  • Leadership Space – Supporting excellence
  • Elective
  • Optional: International Study Visit

June 2020 - January 2021

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